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Our Notarisation services include

Our notary public service provides a professional and responsive service certifying and authenticating a wide range of documents for both individuals and businesses:

For individuals:

  • Private and commercial documents
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Written Statements
  • Affidavits and Oaths
  • Passport documents
  • Adoption documents
  • Property purchases
  • Mortgage documents
  • Application forms
  • Certificates of Law
  • Letters of consent for minors travelling abroad

For businesses:

  • Patents and trademarks
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Affidavits and Oaths
  • Statuary declarations
  • Certificates of Law
  • Written statements
  • Application forms
  • Shares Pledges
  • Loan agreements
  • Bills of Sale
  • Maritime Bills of Sale
  • Ship Mortgages
  • Corporate documents
  • Witnessing and signing of foreign wills
  • Sponsorship forms for visiting foreign citizens
  • Legalisation service with the foreign office foreign embassies or consulates
  • Bills of Exchange
Legislation Services

Often further authentication is required in the form of an Apostille from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and/or legalisation by the relevant Embassy or Consulate. We are able to provide these additional services by either our standard or fast track service. We can provide you with a clear quote and timeframe. Final documents can be sent directly to you or the country of destination.


Official translations of foreign language documents may be required as a condition of producing a final notarised document. A quote can easily be provided by us to supply you with a full translation into most languages.


Other matters

When enlisting the services of our notary public services please be aware of the following:

  • Make an appointment 
  • Do not sign anything in advance of the appointment  
  • Bring a copy of the document 
  • Any supporting documentation 
  • Identification
    • - for individuals: - a current valid passport, or driving licence, utility bill or bank statements
    • - for companies: - information can usually be obtained from Companies House, however, occasionally original minute books/board resolutions may need to be provided.

Only original certificates not copies are acceptable as evidence of public records such as those of birth, marriage and death.

Our notarial responsibility extends only to the notarial formalities themselves and not to other documents which we have not prepared. You may need separate advice on these aspects.

The service requires your attendance at our offices unless, in exceptional cases, when a home visit - at an additional cost- is required.

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